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In real life, she left and Atlanta—but only after she got sick, botched her first audition, took a mulligan and submitted a tape to make up for the initial mess.

"None of us thought about her twice after that first try," recalls Julie Plec, the show's cocreator and writer.

"I learned hard work from them."Living in Scarborough, Ontario, a tough suburb of Toronto, the family moved around a lot for the first few years.

Dobrev remembers packing her own school lunches because her mom worked multiple jobs—as a receptionist, selling clothing, whatever it took to keep the family afloat—while Kamen went to school to study computer engineering.

Still, says the 26-year-old actress, every new route holds its own excitement.

She joins me at the table, wearing a navy silk jumpsuit, black cardigan and sandals, fluttery false eyelashes still glued to her lids.

At 10, Dobrev began competing in aesthetic gymnastics meets and eventually had to make a tough choice between athletics and acting."It was either continue with the gymnastics and try to go to the Olympics, or audition more. There wasn't time for both." In her early teens, Dobrev began going to Toronto to try out for acting parts.

"It's important for me that it be epic and powerful," Dobrev says.I want it to end well."Having signed a six-year contract at the show's onset, Dobrev knew from the beginning that this year might mark the end of her run.'s seventh season will commence filming later this year, but without its star, whose take on all of it is forward-looking and optimistic, not nostalgic or fearful of change.She's talking about her future as an actor and as a newbie screenwriter, sitting at one of the restaurant's outdoor tables.We're beneath a sign that reads I AM WHOLE AND COMPLETE UNTO MYSELF, all in capital letters.

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