Who is dating matthew underwood

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A representative for Mellon issued a statement to the New York Post immediately after news of his death broke on the 16th and said: 'Billionaire Matthew Mellon, 53, died suddenly in Cancun, Mexico, where he was attending a drug rehabilitation facility'.

This statement was amended with no explanation on April 18th to say that Mellon died in Cancun 'where he was planning to check into a rehab facility for follow-up treatment'.

The circumstances of Mellon's hotel death are not yet clear.

Mellon, who had been battling an Oxy Contin addiction and once spent 0,000 a month on the drug, was 88 days sober when he took his private jet to the Cancun center for 'maintenance'.

In 2016 Mellon extolled a previous stint he did in rehab in Cancun.According to a family friend, Mellon's family have since been unable to trace the fortune he made in crypto-currency and worry that it has 'disappeared'.'Something weird has happened to all his crypto money and his family can't find it'. A confidante of Mellon's New York art expert Stacy Engman, who was with the banking heir in Palm Beach before he took his private jet to the Mexico rehab facility, said: 'Matthew was so committed to sobriety, he was three months clean and doing so well.'He had extensive travel plans and was expecting to go to Hong Kong after Mexico.My understanding was that it was just a check-up.'He was literally drinking cups of tea and doing the whole holistic, herbal thing.'I was very proud of his commitment.'Once we were back in London, life did not become any easier.I was in the office every day, working hard, and Matthew had nothing but free time on his hands – and I’d come home and find him freebasing cocaine in the kitchen.

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