Who is dating joseph gordon levitt

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Attached - Scarjo and JGL at the Spike Awards in 2010.

Why does every young celebrity these days come with DVD extras?

The 35-year-old actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been praised by both film critics and the public for his role of a hopeless romantic architect named Tom Hansen who has a somehow obsessive crush with a workmate called Summer (Zooey Deschanel).

His character has become like a romantic role model, but is Gordon-Levitt that kind of dater?

Nowadays, many daters fantasize with a guy/girl they have a crush on, but, in the end, their expectative does not match reality.

For some, even their fascination for the other even becomes unhealthy.

Do they sit around the sing and “jam” and “play around” with chords and whatever and will they lay down a few tracks for his label while wearing fedoras? Be two mega attractive actors, period, who are dating and enjoy making out. We don’t need the hyphens and the commas and the DVD extras.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his wife, Tasha Mc Cauley, are brand-new parents.

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The Mc Cauley is much more than simply the other half of a relationship with a Hollywood star.

The patriarchal way of dating, where women were meant to be dependent on men, is no longer a trend.

A modern man should be able to accept that his counterpart has the same rights and responsibilities.

In fact, she might actually be more impressive than her husband.

Mc Cauley is a successful robotics scientist and is the co-founder of a company called Fellow Robots, which is based at a NASA research facility in San Francisco.

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