Updating to windows mobile 5

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The Windows 10 April Update (formerly known as the Windows 10 Spring Update) has gone live, and while it's technically available to anyone with the current version of Windows 10, not everyone will see the update appear automatically.Microsoft has said it will begin the global rollout to all machines on 8 May, more than a week after the 30 April launch, in order to iron out any bugs or problems.If you’re interested, Microsoft has released a video showcasing the new Fluent elements.The Start menu has also been given a Fluent touch-up, with shiny highlights following your mouse cursor around.Sadly, the implementation is far from perfect: the synthesised voice is exhaustingly monotonous, and tends to put pauses and emphases in unnatural places.The Fall Creators Update brings numerous tweaks to the general behaviour and appearance of Windows 10.Simply select your images and hit the button, and it combines them into a striking video presentation. For example, there’s no easy way to synchronise an audio track or overlay sound effects; overall, it’s less capable than the old (now discontinued) Windows Movie Maker app.

Still, whichever communications platform you use, the Fall Creators Update makes it easier than ever to send daft messages to your colleagues with a new system-wide floating emoji palette – simply press the Windows key and full-stop together to open it.

The updated Settings app looks much the same as it did before, but browse around and you’ll find some more new features.

The Storage settings now include the option to automatically purge untouched files from your Downloads folder after 30 days.

While Microsoft says it "encourages people to wait until the update is offered" to their device, if you're an "advanced user on an actively serviced version of Windows 10", you can install the Windows 10 April 2018 update by going to Settings | Update & security | Windows Update.

Click "Check for updates" and the download and installation process will begin.

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