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If you want to use a certificate you must request the upgrade from Air Canada. So, if the flight leaves from YYZ, you can call at midnight YYZ-time.You can phone Air Canada reservations to request the upgrade. Two things could happen when you request the upgrade.I recently had a round trip flight from YYZ to MCO.I was booked on my Latitude Flight Pass and my fiancee was booked using Aeroplan points.

If you call your corporate travel agent to upgrade with cash (which they may not want to do), you will be charged (80-0) plus change fee on the original ticket.

SE can request the upgrade 7 days before the flight. You can also re-request your upgrade when you check-in at the airport. A blue arrow will appear beside any flight with upgrade space currently available.

Upgrade priority on the day of the flight is not made public by Air Canada. Another method is to use a third party fare class availabilty tool. (Hence you will often see the phrases "R space", formerly "I space") It is a common myth that LMUP availability comes from the same inventory as top tier upgrades.

You can still find many threads about e Upgrades, and perhaps after people get used to them a new Upgrade info master thread will be born.

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