Silverlight xap file not updating

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In Silverlight 4, you can also run with partial trust. Creating an out of browser application is quite easy.Open the project properties for your Silverlight application.A XAP can be signed post-build using the Sign command line tool which is in the Windows SDK, as part of Visual Studio 2010 and a handful of other packages.

So I decided to post an excerpt I wrote about signing Silverlight XAP files in the Silverlight 4 Whitepaper on Channel 9 here to help spread the word.If a new XAP file is detected, the bits are downloaded and the application is updated.Of course, this sort of “forces” the update out of the box.The signing process is important if you are creating an elevated trust out of browser application because it helps: Elevated trust out-of-browser applications enable developers to take advantage of platform features that are inaccessible to sandboxed Silverlight applications.You can digitally sign your XAP files to reassure end users of the authenticity of an application’s publisher and that the code’s integrity is intact.

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