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"The most common problem, typically, is that women are wearing too large of a band size, but not deep enough of a cup size," says Sara Mitzner, creative director of Swimsuitsforall.

"So what's happening is that they're not getting really the lift and the support that they could be getting if they were wearing just a deeper cup, but a smaller band size."Friends, it doesn't have to be this way. I spent an hour with Alondra Clabaguera, an expert fitter at Journelle in Soho, and while it certainly wasn't easy — besides Victoria's Secret Angels, who wants to look at their half-naked body for an hour in the mirror? Clabaguera guided me to a handful of bras that worked for me made me feel sexy (a rarity in the big-bust game where so many styles verge on granny territory), the sizes of which varied.

And they should be cared for as such, which means handwashing and line drying. (Same.) You can put bras into the washing machine — bonus points if you throw them into a lingerie bag or a pillowcase!

— but under If finding a bra that works for a bigger bust is hard, finding a swimsuit that works is damn near impossible.

The most important part of a bra is how it's engineered.

Find companies that specialize in offering a wide range of sizes.

"When you're naked in the fitting room, women are going to talk about their body and how they feel about it, their sexuality, their work — your life just comes out," says Lyn Lewis, the CEO of Journelle.

When you're a woman with a larger breast size looking to find something, it's a completely different ball game.

"It does take time to develop a sense about the shape of the breast as well and our lingerie collection — what different bras or different shapes are better for any given person — and we encourage all our women to continue that training by trying on all the bras themselves and through talking to other people."If you don't have access to a top-tier bra specialist like the aforementioned, Journelle's online customer service agents also work in the stores part time, which means they have all that same experience at their fingertips.

And Chantelle says it sends agents to the retailers nationwide that stock the brand to be sure there's always an expert on hand. Here's how a bra should properly fit: Put finger between your back and the band to be sure it fits correctly.

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