Problems updating to vista ultimate

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This means that the Windows Update progress bar may indicate that it is 0 percent complete, or 20 percent complete, and so on, for some time.

This behavior is expected, and you should not cancel the update.

(Your computer must remain connected to the Internet for the downloads, of course.) This selection allows Windows to visit the Internet to update itself with security patches, warn you of suspicious Web sites, check for troubleshooting information, and send technical information to Microsoft to fine-tune Windows’ performance.

The Windows Vista Check for System Update Readiness (Check SUR) tool will try to fix certain Windows Update installation failures.

One of those things is to verify whether the hardware and software are compatible with Windows Vista and which edition of Windows Vista to choose from.

Besides that, it is useful to know that the current Windows XP settings can be easily transferred to the new Windows Vista user account with the tool Windows Easy Transfer.

The package titles are as follows: • System Readiness Update Tool for Windows Vista Note: This Windows Update or Automatic Update package will only be offered if such inconsistencies have been detected on the system. We recommend that you restart your computer after you run Check SUR to make sure that any changes take effect.

Check SUR should run automatically after it has been installed from Windows Update. Click Start , click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator. In the User Account Control dialog box, click Continue. Additionally, you must try to reinstall any software updates that previously could not be installed.

This step tells Windows 7 to visit Microsoft’s Web site and download the latest updates — drivers, patches, and assorted fixes for your particular computer — that help make your installation run as smoothly as possible.

In most cases it is combined with a new computer, upgrading the computer from Windows XP to Vista is also a possibility.

This page explains some of the issues to keep in mind to prevent unpleasant surprises from happening.

Don't take the logo's to serious: Windows Vista Capable means that the system requirements are met which makes it possible to install Windows Vista.

The system requirements for a Windows Vista Premium Ready logo are not that high either!

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