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Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

*** Authors Note: While this is not an incest story, it contains references to incest activities between consenting adults of legal age, so if that offends, please click back and select another story.

She pulled her father's arm more tightly across her chest, and wiggled her naked ass back on the cock that had wedged itself between her butt cheeks, giggling at the fact that it usually woke up 15 minutes before the slumbering man to whom it was attached.

As she lay there basking in the afterglow of realizing a fantasy of many years, she was interrupted by the usual signal of urgency being sent by her bladder.

Those memories caused her to live in fear that her daughter would inherit her insatiable desire for sex, and she didn't want Claire to do anything to jeopardize her own future.

He typed it to her many times over the course of their almost one-year online relationship, but it was the quality of his character demonstrated by his actions that convinced her that, "he was only concerned with her best interest and would never do anything to hurt her." The two had connected on a cosmic level, much deeper than she could have ever imagined or anticipated.

She found herself opening up to Ronnie about things she could never bring herself to tell anyone, not even her closest girlfriend.

Always a tad small for her age, she had a very large spirit and personality, and always outworked her peers, whether it was on the athletic field or the classroom.

Claire was the son her father never had, so he had her involved in sports from a very young age, often coaching the teams on which she played.

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