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Hernandez is set to be charged with an additional double murder.

He was so stunned by the verdict, he had to sit down after it was read when he was supposed to remain standing with everyone else.

ANY guy would understand protecting his balls from getting hit. Instead, these roided out fundie closet cases want to freeball it for national network cameras, the public and their deeply repressed, testosterone-obsessed team mates.

He has such a strange affect--and it's been consistent throughout the trial--so much so, that you expected some piece of evidence would exonerate him at the 11th hour. Wow, the tough guy's legs buckled when he heard the verdict and couldn't stand up like a man to take it even under court orders.

If he does have to stay in prison, I hope he is able to have conjugal visits, because I will be there weekly or monthly and pleasuring him. Unfortunately, there are many misguided, if not downright reprehensible, people out there lamenting not the impact this murder case will have on their fantasy football team, but instead the incarceration of an updated version of OH AN HE SEXY.

If you’ve ever wondered how serial killers and other prisoners can get letters from incredibly pathetic strangers promising marriage, this is how. That explains the circumstantial evidence that placed him at the scene and then threw his friends under the bus.

Hernandez didn't even know about it until afterwards.

His massive beer can cock will soon be R38In response to my own above inquiry at r39, I would guess since he is a little "extreme" anyway (he may have killed a human being not just ONCE but maybe even more than that), it would not surprise me if he never, ever wore underwear, including protective cups.

Quintessential bully who can dish it out but is too morally and constitutionally weak to weather the consequences. I bet if I offered up $ for his commissary account he would write back. I have to say, I had zero sympathy for AH until I saw R165's link.

One can only hope he has a lifetime of misery and qualms in prison, but his lack of self-awareness will likely block that. But she did say the sex was out of this world and his dick was could I get an email or letter to him in prison? Seeing that interview with him as a young man, talking about his family's strong emphasis on education and discipline ("School first, football second") I can only feel sympathy for his family and the terrible waste of so many lives, his own and those of his victims. These things have broken many other strong-willed people countless times before and, yes, I agree they are no excuse for his crimes.

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