Muslim dating nederland

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This book was revealed 1400 years ago to a man named Muhammad , who would later become the Prophet .Fourteen centuries have passed and this book has not been changed since, not one letter has been altered.For modern Muslims, finding a mate is more about love, not convenience or status, but it is important for the courtship to follow Islamic rules.Most general dating apps out there don't ask the right questions, and largely cater to those looking to "hook up".Muslims come from all races, nationalities and cultures across the globe.

On Muslim Only, all new profiles are reviewed on a daily basis in order to assure member safety, privacy, and appropriateness./PRNewswire/ -- Muslim Only, a revolutionary new app, brings together modern Muslims who are looking for love in a culturally diverse world.Contrary to popular belief, many Muslims are not interested in arranged marriages, especially in this modern age, where metropolitan cities are increasingly multicultural.The couple may not have personalities that complement each other.One may come to love his or her spouse, only to find that love unrequited.

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