Kerala erotica sex chat

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I inserted my finger to her wet pussy and it slided in .

I started moving it in and out and she started moaning.

We exchanged our mobile numbers and used to talk till late midnight.

She was very horny during our chats and used to talk dirty,but we never got a chance to do anything other that our rubbings .

I sensed this as a positive nod and kept my book back again pressing my dick to her butts . And she just turned pressing her boobs in my elbow . She is okay with whatever I am doing but in private .

But I was waiting for the big moment,but she never came close to me.

One day it was raining very heavily and suddenly she called me.

I was very surprised that she never called me during day time.

She helped me untie it,but told me not to remove me fully.

I moved down and inserted my hands inside her panties and found that it was pouring down there.

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