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Though he wasn’t quite ready to transition to a full blown TV star, he starting working behind the scenes in set design on films like the Nicholas Cage hit, .The show’s concept was built around two neighbors taking over each others’ houses and renovating one room in the house with the aide of the TV crew.Doctors could only think to prescribe him antihistamines, with the hope that they would, “make [him] drowsy.” Others feared for his safety.They were “afraid [he was] going to hurt [him]self from just mowing the lawn.” It’s funny then that he, “ended up working with power tools …Pennington, you really don’t want to know who that is.” She hadn’t guessed it would be Ty.Ty was unaware that his mother was observing him for educational purposes, and had no reason to modify his behavior. I swung to the blinds, I climbed out the windows, I ran around naked, I slapped Johnny in the back of the head,” Pennington admitted.He had always known “the only way [he] would calm down is when [he] was drawing or putting a jigsaw puzzle together.” It was fate then that he would find a way to build for a living.He knew he was “pretty creative at certain things, but how do you turn it into a vocation?

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After the show ended, Ty seemed to shy away from the spotlight.

She serves as both his romantic companion as well as his manager.

Ty has referred to theirselves as “a team.” When Drea was given a chance to weigh in, she seemed unconcerned, saying, “We don’t need to get married.” Ty’s ADHD has also been an active member of his relationships.

Ty soon realized that he had a facility with working with his hands, and it was a good way to channel both his energy and his creativity.

Ty started small, but was quickly becoming skilled in both woodworking and home improvement.

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