Is anthony kiedis dating anyone

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She had a fairly large girth, and her tits were like enormous missiles that projected from her elbows to the end of her hands...she had our album, and told me I was her favorite poet of all time, and she gave me this letter that, among other things, suggested my d*ck was a dolphin and her p*ssy was the ocean and I had to go for a swim in that ocean... ' I started."The two soon found themselves in a backwoods trailer park filled with "guns and beer bottles and cigarettes and poker" and drugs.Strap yourself into your sex magik rocket ship with a full supply of mother's milk, because it's time to travel all around the world and into a parallel universe, naked in the rain with the righteous and the wicked. Not long after Kiedis moved to Los Angeles in 1974, his dad took him on a drug dealing trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin.As Blackie Dammett spent three days selling blow and what have you, young Anthony went to see Roger-Moore-James-Bond-weirdo-voodoo classic , "My dad told me I'd be carrying the money, because if they caught someone who looked like him with all that money, he'd be busted for sure...

As anyone who's read the full Kiedis bio in can tell you, most of the stories are true, most of the stories are insane, and most of the stories are way more over-the-top than you can imagine.

In his early teens, Kiedis moved in with his father and soon began experimenting with drugs.

He started smoking marijuana and later tried heroin, cocaine, and Quaaludes.

He and Cher enjoyed their evening together, engaging in an hours-long chat and really getting to know one another.

Then Kiedis went to bed, and Cher got ready to do the same.

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