Equality in dating

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I will always be unapologetically chasing my dreams, and I want to be with someone who is doing the same.

I am looking for someone to support my dreams just as much as I support hers.

A feminist is merely one who advocates or supports political, social and economic equality of the genders. I just happen to be a man who believes women shouldn’t be paid only 78 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts.

(Black women make 64 cents and Latina women make 56 cents for every dollar earned by white males.)I am an advocate of pro-equality for all humans, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or race.

As an entrepreneur, I’m extremely passionate about growing my business. In my opinion, one of the hottest things a woman can do is be ridiculously passionate about something.

I personally don’t care if it’s related at all to what I do.

It can be anything: art, singing, athletics, fashion, fitness, education, writing or whatever they choose, as long as they are passionate about it.

I’ve dated women with all kinds of backgrounds, from a NASA engineer to someone who only has her GED.

Although education is usually a great indicator of someone who can stimulate you intellectually, it’s not always conclusive.

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