Dolly madison dating

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In May of 1801 Dolley would make yet another move, this time to the new capital city of Washington, DC, after Jefferson named James Madison as his secretary of state.Dolley and James Madison arrived in Washington, DC, on May 1, 1801.By 1789 John Payne’s business had failed, he was unable to pay his debts, and his Quaker meeting expelled him.Mary Payne opened a boarding house to support her family.She had a young son and a teenage sister to care for.In 1800 Thomas Jefferson, a Republican and a close friend and political ally of James’s, was elected President.Another girl, whom the Paynes named “Philadelphia” to celebrate their move, died in infancy.Philadelphia was a thriving city in the 1780s, a leading commercial and cultural center, and the largest city in the British colonies of North America. But post-Revolutionary Philadelphia was also suffering from inflation and economic turmoil.

Children were orphaned, families perished, and adults fled their spouse and kin.

She socialized within the world of diplomats, congressmen, and government leaders.

She and her friends gossiped about politics and politicians.

The Madisons rented a spacious and comfortable three-story house in Philadelphia.

Her mother moved in with her sister Lucy, who had wed the nephew of George Washington, a young man named George Steptoe Washington, and brought with her the two youngest Payne children, Mary and John Coles.

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