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I have a *single* Sql Data Source that loads up a single result set that I show in a Grid View.

In the Grid View, i've added a "Select" button and handling the Selected Item event.

NET, C#, the Details View control, how do I pull a Drop Down List from another table and update the record based on the selection?

I am able to pull data from two sources at once; however, the record doesn't update based on which selection from the drop-down is made.

I also have a Details View (though Form View has this | same issue) where I want to be able to set the current item to bind to from | the Data Source. Data Key | | The only one that isn't read only is Details View. I cannot sort the Grid View because then the index I get from the Grid | is sorted and the wrong ndex to use in the Page Index.

All the examples I've seen use two data sources and on every | *select* they do another round-trip to the Database (which makes no sense | to me).

The Details View control displays the data using Item Template section of Template Field element.

Similarly, the Insert Item Template is used to display user interface while Details View control is in insert mode. When we use Bind() method in a Template Field, the Bind() method supports two-way data binding, which means data can be updated, inserted, and deleted automatically from the data source control.Then, if you need to display them in a separate form/view, we can even use a simple Usercontrol rathern than use the Details View.If you have any other ideas or concerns, please feel free to post here.I'm not sure on your detailed scenario, do you mean in your Grid View you've retrieved all the column info so that you don't need to requery the Data Base for further fields to displayed in Details View (and reuse the existing record data in Grid View row)?If so, I think it's possible since we can retrieve each binded record's fields' value from the Grid View's Rows collection.

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