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Going back to seeing the future, the third eye can sometimes foresee it.One woman I know reported getting a psychic flash moment before a minor auto accident. Is the Third Eye the same as what I see in the movies?Sometimes I see pictures in motion, which is a lot of fun. Oftentimes, especially during readings, psychics will get pictures of events in the present time, something that is happening right now.Other times, I may just see images which are literal or symbolic. They may also see things from the past that are affecting the present.Much like a phone or in-person meeting, you would have a record of the reading to look back on should you need a concrete reminder of your reading.

Not only can you still find brick and mortal psychic services, where you can talk to a psychic face to face, but you can also get a reading done online, over a video messenger, through chat or email.

We screen all our psychics and clairvoyants to ensure customer satisfaction and good readings as much as possible.

Our psychics have over 10 years of experience and provide fast, friendly, professional psychic services.

Sometimes talking on the phone can be stressful, because an immediate answer is required. Psychic readings done over email can give the psychic time to get attuned to your question and connect it to the spiritual realm for answers.

Taking more time to ponder your question or situation could result in a better, more accurate psychic reading, then delivered to you via email.

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