Dating someone abstinent

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Although you have chosen to practice abstinence, it is beneficial to know that most people are not prepared to protect themselves against pregnancy or infection when they have chosen to end their abstinence.

By learning about the various contraceptive methods available and how to access them, you will be ready should you change your mind.

There are contraceptives available that can be taken up to a few days after unprotected intercourse that are effective in preventing pregnancy.

Your intention may be to practice abstinence; however, sometimes it is very hard to predict how you may act when presented with a tempting sexual partner.If you find yourself in a compromising situation, say no clearly and mean it.Abstinence may be particularly challenging in times like these.The previous post on “The Secret Life of Husbands“, part of MM’s “Sex & the Muslim Ummah” series, was sort of a milestone post.It elicited powerful responses, and led to some of the most beneficial discussions on MM.

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