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Justice Minister blasts UN "Commission of Hypocrisy" Trump credited for Bibi's newfound courage Arab kite terror blamed for some of the fires currently raging ' Hypocritical gangs are working against Israel' Muslim leaders accuse Israel of murdering Gazans Erdogan: No difference between Nazis' actions and Israel's Haley: Another shameful day for human rights Danon to UNHRC: Investigate Hamas's war crimes Illegal Turkish activity in Jerusalem New video purportedly shows UN influence in Gaza clashes ' What about Jewish human rights? London: Young people say Kaddish for dead Gazan rioters Watch: ' Let it be known to all - Israel lives' At least 8 dead in Santa Fe school shooting Shooting at Doral's Trump National resort The US' new King Stallion helicopter is making progress This lawyer accused Spanish-speakers of being illegals Argentine Jews set to sue teacher who praised Hitler With Amer.Friends Bet El Concludes Campaign ' Libelous and disgraceful': Rabbis blast senators' condemnations Final hours of the Bet El Giving Day Haredim protest Nationality Law Lawsuit targets haredi apartment policies in London Hassidic leader: The state has no right to call itself ' Israel' Report: Some haredi travelers duped into smuggling drugs Airline copilot survives after being pulled out of window Do you want to join Arutz Sheva's news team?Israel is the only country where the United States has an embassy in a city that the host nation does not consider its capital.But his speech was greeted by demonstrations and a threat from Hamas, who called Thursday and Friday 'days of rage' that he had 'opened the gates of hell'. Palestinian secular and Islamist factions called a general strike on Thursday after tens of thousands took to the streets on Wednesday night. World leaders including the Pope spoke out against the measure, saying that it jeopardized the peace process.

The Pope made a plea for Trump to rethink urgently and spoke out at his weekly general audience in Rome .'I make a heartfelt appeal so that all commit themselves to respecting the status quo of the city, in conformity with the pertinent resolutions of the United Nations,' Pope Francis said. decision 'destroys the peace process,' added Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.Trump insisted that ordering a move of the embassy's location would 'immediately begin the process of hiring architects, engineers and planners so that a new embassy, when completed, will be a magnificent tribute to peace.'America's friends and foes unleashed fierce criticism before Trump made official what the White House previewed for reporters Tuesday night.But Trump stuck to his guns, calling his decision an act of political courage.I intend to do everything in my power to help forge such an agreement.'Trump said the United States will continue to support a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian standoff, 'if agreed to by both sides.''In the meantime, I call on all parties to maintain the status quo at Jerusalem's holy sites,' he said. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for nearly 70 years.Jerusalem has been the focus of our hopes, our dreams, our prayers for three millennia.

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