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which I actually read for the first time after I was married!It is definitely very different from all the other dating books I read.Most of the other books and their content sort of blend together in my mind in a jumble.And then there's How to Get a Date Worth Keeping... - You're attracted to the wrong kind, while the right kind lack the 'chemistry.'- You're waiting for God to bring you the right person---and you've been waiting an awfully long time. This book is for YOU if- You want to get more dates or better dates.- You wonder where 'the good ones' are.- You keep repeating the same old cycle in your dating life and want to change it.- You wonder why people who aren't as nice as you get all the dates.Allow this one to "round out" your views and generate discussion with family & friends -- good stuff.

I appreciated her acknowledgement of the legitimacy of dating, but also her cautions from the heart.

What a great challenge it offered to me (as a timid introvert) to get out there and meet people.

5 people a week is still not something I've been able to attain, but it's definitely a good reminder that people are so worth relating to.

These books ended up changing my approach to dating.

So often when I was on dates, I would feel distracted rather than being present with my date, as I tried to decide based on one or two or three dates whether I wanted to marry the person, and it's just not possible.

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