Daily devotions for young dating couples

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It is easy to overlook and not address or discuss the important things that may raise concerns as you cultivate this relationship which you envision moving from dating to engagement and, hopefully, marriage.

As Christians, we should be intentional and deliberate in how we date, ensuring that we protect each other's hearts and emotions.

However, the questions can also be used as a guideline for non-Christians.

These are just a few essential questions to consider when you are contemplating transitioning a friendship into an exclusively dating relationship‹ especially if you are seriously considering getting engaged and then marrying this individual. There is no perfect situation when you consider the fact that each individual brings their personal life experiences to the table‹ experiences that have influenced their development and how they filter life.

You could probably read through all thirty-one of these in ten minutes or less and if you want to read them all at once and then go back and spend time reflecting on one per day, that’s fine.

I’ve written a new 31-Day Marriage Devotional for couples which is free and available right here.At the same time, it also has 365 devotional readings that you should read on a daily basis.You can also read thought-provoking questions that will make you examine the level of intimacy in your relationship with the other person.This is one of the best devotionals for couples looking to be more intimate with God and themselves.😉 Spending quality time with your spouse is vital to the success of your marriage.

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