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I'm sad that we didn't have chicks this year - but consider it a small price to pay if Mom is finally able to rest and heal and return as the strong capable adult she was before her injury.

) Based on past experience, look for eggs in early or mid April, chicks in mid May, and fledging in early to mid August.

He was found and taken to the Orphaned Wild Life Rehabilitation Society (O. L.), where he was found to have no major injuries, but was underweight so they admitted him. Eagles believed to be his sister and one of their parents were seen in the area until he was released, at which time they all disappeared - we like to think heading North together for the salmon runs. for rehabilitation, and subsequently released at Chehalis in the fall, when there were other eagles in the area.

The nest had fallen apart quite a bit by the end of the 2008 nesting season, and wasn't substantially rebuilt for 2009. The older eaglet fell to its death when part of the nest broke away when he was about 3-1/2 weeks old; the younger eaglet (nicknamed "Bandit" on the Hancock Wildlife forum) fledged prematurely when a branch broke off the tree when he was about 11 weeks old, and was taken to O. By nesting season in 2010, there wasn't much of anything left in the tree, and the pair made a nest on the ground and laid at least two eggs; one was broken by the time David Hancock arrived to check it out, and the other had apparently died several days before David examined it. We continue to hope that they will find a safe place to nest and raise a family.

We're not sure how many eggs they had in 2017, but one hatched and that chick fledged, and was reported as being the first successful fledgling in three years; according to the cam page, there was one chick in 2016 but it died soon after hatching.

Based on past experience, look for eggs in late April.

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