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Then they would have us to stay at Hickory Hill [the Kennedy family home in Virginia], or we would meet in New York."The two couples were so close that they had worked out a private sign language among themselves.

On the June night in 1968 that Bobby Kennedy won the election for California's delegates to the Democratic presidential convention, the senator concluded his televised victory speech with a secret signal to Andy and Claudine, who were watching at home."It was almost midnight and we were going to meet up at the Factory, which was a very trendy disco.

Claudine and I were half-dressed and were lounging on the bed waiting for Bobby to make the little hand gesture that was the signal to leave for the Factory.

But I got through it." Indeed, it was his most memorable performance.

Finally, in 1975, Andy and Claudine divorced, and she moved to Aspen, Colorado, taking their three young children (two boys and a girl) with her.

Things didn't look good for Williams, and they took another turn for the worse a year later.

The ethereal, child-like Claudine fell in love with a handsome professional skier - Spider Sabich - and soon found herself in the middle of a stormy relationship.

In March 1976, she fired a .22 calibre pistol and hit her lover in the stomach, killing him.

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