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Imagine using one of the hundreds of online background check services to conduct a check on a potential new employee.

Skeptical of these online background check providers, I decided to put one of them to the test.

“Free,” “instant,” “cheap” background check services are all over the Internet.

I instantly received a spotless report of “No records found” for case records, sentencing records, disposition records or other criminal-related records.

It was a quick and easy transaction, and if I were a consumer reading this criminal background check, I would feel comfortable knowing that the person had no criminal history record in New York.

I ran a true criminal history record search through the New York State Office of Court Administration, the official repository of criminal records, run by the New York State Unified Court System.

How could the online criminal background check have omitted these major records?

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The site even suggested that I pay to enroll in a monthly service to be able to run nationwide criminal background checks, something that’s not even possible, as discussed in a previous post (The Truth about a Nationwide Criminal Record Search).

New York has 62 counties, and within them are hundreds of small justice courts in remote locations that lack Internet access, so it is unlikely that online databases have all the information included in an official statewide criminal background check.

Additionally, New York does not sell information to database providers, as many other states do.

I decided to use one of the major providers to obtain a statewide criminal check in New York.

I scoured the site for fine print but discovered none.

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