Adult chat fish

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Some refuse to go near aquariums or any theme parks with fish.

Such an irrational or persistent fear of fish is called Ichthyophobia.A hit in its home country, takes its inspiration from ancient Chinese legends and mythology to bring about a beautiful and original tale of love and sacrifice.To be fair, folks with a cursory understanding of the specific stories the script draws from will probably have an easier time following the layered storytelling; you could do with brushing up on Chinese fables or it should suffice to know that the main characters of Chun and Qiu’s names translate into Spring and Autumn, respectively.Such people tend to have a full blown panic attack even at the sight or thought of fish. As with all other specific phobias, Ichthyophobia also begins with a negative or traumatic episode involving fish, mainly in one’s childhood.These seemingly scary episodes replay constantly in the individual’s mind leading to lifelong phobia about these creatures.

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