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People pray for happiness, look forward to the future, guard their family, and seek smooth and harmonious interpersonal relations during these holidays.All these philosophies are well demonstrated in a series of festive activities.A Chinese friend residing in Paris told me on the phone that farmers from Brittany had arranged a special Spring Festival promotion.Each person purchasing their cheese was entitled to a free pair of Chinese chopsticks.These people realize that learning the language and studying Chinese culture will allow them a shortcut to a dynamic country and the world's fourth largest economy, as well as improve ties with a great nation that has a growing economic, diplomatic and cultural influence in the world.

From the president to local villagers, French people are celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year, each in their own way.

It is these people's love of Chinese culture and high degree of cultural consciousness that has encouraged the spread of Chinese Lunar New Year traditions and customs to other countries and peoples.

Chinese language fever has also played a role in increasing the popularity of the Spring Festival.

Each volunteer was given a "smile wristlet", a token of their unity with other Chinese host cities.

Following the ceremony, volunteers will receive some 80 hours of training, including residential training, which will be held in Pl Leung Kuk holiday camp in Sai Kung for two consecutive weekends in March.

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