10 simple rules for dating sports guys

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Consider yourself lucky to be along for the ride.5. Just pretend you're the bandleader on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. If someone's laughing with us, we like having them around. Then, she drops this one on us: "How come Tomczak's in the game? (2007) Nellie Ball’s Ceiling (2007) Can Le Bron Save Cavs-Pistons? (2005) The Clippers Don’t Care (2005) Dear Toronto (2005) 33 Favorite Things about 2005 (2005) Clipper Pride (2004) The Artest Brawl: Reaction and overview (2004) NBA Q & A (2004) Burning Questions Thru 2 Weeks (2004) NBA Western Preview (2004) NBA Eastern Preview (2004) Olympics: The Nightmare Team (2004) Top 40 Trade Value (2004) NBA Finals Recap (2004) The Sleepy Floyd Game (2004) NBA Playoffs Preview (2004) Notes from NBA All-Star Weekend (2004) Le Bron is for real (2004) Three-Part Season Preview (2003) Summer of Love (2003) The Force of Luke (2003) NBA Finals Preview (2003) Top 40 Trade Value (2003) The Le Bron Hype (2003) Playoff Notes (2003) NBA Playoffs Preview (2003) Kobe & Shaq: The Odd Couple (2003) New School vs. (2007) Le Bron’s 48 Special (2007) Time to Fix the Playoffs (2007) Sports Guy’s MVP Ballot (2007) Solving NBA Tanking (2007) The No Balls Association (2007) Phoenix’s Quest for Greatness (2007) The Leastern Conference (2006) Wild Opening Week (2006) Season Preview (2006) Top-40 trade value (2006) Alpha Dogs: Shaq vs. Old School (2003) Running Diary: All-Star Game (2003) Wrong about Yao (2002) Two-Part Season Preview (2002) Dream Team Nightmare (2002) What makes a dynasty? Elmo’s Fire (2001) Haunted by Lenny Bias (2001) RIP: David Halberstam (2007) The Packer Curse (2007) RIP: Dennis Johnson (2007) Mc Gwire belongs in the HOF (2007) An Appreciation for Iverson (2006) An SOS for KG (2006) Ten Minutes with Tiger (2006) Visiting David Stern (2006) Theo Epstein resigns (2005) Summer of Doc (2005) Where is Steinbrenner? (2005) The Coma Guy (2005) Kobe & the Dark Side (2004) Pippen: The other 33 (2004) Why Shaq will haunt Kobe and the Lakers (2004) Isiah & the 2004 Pistons (2004) The Brilliance of Video Bo (2003) Meeting Freddie Lynn (2003) Clemens goes for 300 (2003) Rick Pitino, NBA Coach (2003) Give Buckner peace (2002) Stern for President (2002) Magic won’t go away (2002) Sports Century: Michael Myers (2002) Tiger Woods: Nothing to say (2002) Say goodbye to Iron Mike (2002) Visit to Red Auerbach’s office (2002) Holding our breath for Air Jordan (2001) Was Cal Ripken Jr. (2001) Memo to MJ: Just do it (2001) Hondo & Fading Sports Memories (2007) Boxing’s Swan Song: Oscar-Floyd (2007) The Tysonic Era (2006) AL Pennant Race (2006) The World Cup (2006) 33 Favorite You Tube Clips (2006) Pedro vs.

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